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Saturday Night Live S39E10 – Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake Online
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The Japanese lady who spend over 100K on plastic surgery to look like French doll.
In my opinion she looks older than what she looked before the surgery, all I know that if any Japanese rich guy want to marry he’ll look for a pretty girl who looks young, I’m not agents doing plastic surgery as long as it doesn’t change you and make you a different person, it’s ok to fix something but not to change the whole face and body. Japanese model and celebrity Vanilla Chamu has been nicknamed “Plastic Sugery Cyborg” for her strange obsession and the lengths she will go to satisfy it since she started doing plastic surgery when she was only a 19years old. Now Vanilla bust size is 88cm, waist 60cm and hip 86cm. She said she plans to go for another boob job when her body is ready. She has no problems financing her operations, as she is so popular with men that she is reportedly the number one female hostess in Japan.

(Source: galaxy0kitten)

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